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GS1 Romania is a secure entity authorized by GS1 Global to issue and manage GS1 licensed codes (EAN 8, EAN 13, SSCC, etc.) and to implement GS1 Standards on the territory of our country.

Considering GS1's global and national policies of neutrality and non-profit, GS1 Romania is organized in the form of a non-profit professional association.

Generalization of the use of GS1 coding in Romania

Modernization through computerization of economic management and product quality control in the sphere of production and trade

The extension of "bar code" based management technology in other areas of economic and social life.

Standards and services

For several years, GS1 Romania has focused a large part of its efforts on the development of identification, labeling, data alignment and communication solutions, which facilitate the adoption of GS1 standards and the best commercial practices by the members of the association, both from the consumer goods sector as well as from other industrial sectors.


Any company from Romania interested in using GS1 coding system can become a member of the National Organization GS1 Romania.


By using CODALOC app you can allocate online barcodes for your products and you can generate the symbols.


In support of labeling accuracy, carry out verification on a complex professional equipment 9500 INTEGRA Barcode Quality Station.


Calculate the Check Digit of your product identification number that allows assessing the fairness of the bar code read!


By assigning the correct bar codes used on Amazon, Ebay, Google shopping and more.


In collaboration with the Solutions Centre, GS1 Romania invites you to participate in training courses and seminars for the use of GS1 System standards and solutions.


Headquarter address changed

Starting with 08.01.2018 our new address is Str. Arh. Louis Blanc Nr. 1, Ground Floor, 1st Sector, Bucharest, Zip code 011751.


There is only one body that manages the global numbers for products and locations identification in logistics and trade: GS1.


By entering barcode numbers on your mobile phone or computer, find more information about the product or about the manufacturing company.


GS1 Romania member
of GS1 Global

GS1 Romania member
of GS1 Global